Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One week in - 303 species!

Just time for a quick post one week-in. 303 distinct species have checked-in - that's 4.4% of the world's amphibians from 59% percent of the the 61 amphibian families (see more stats here). We finally got some caecilians (thanks Ben and Cesar!). I'm looking forward to doing some more stat visualizations so stay tuned.

Just one other note - several groups on Facebook including  Amphibian Identification Network: Amazonia, Herpetólogos de Costa Rica, and Professional Herpetologists have been extremely helpful providing identifications. I encourage everyone to join these and other amphibian groups. Then using the 'Send' button on any iNaturalist observation page, you can post an observation to the appropriate group to ask for ID help or just to share. Its a great way to hook into some incredible amphibian expertise.

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