Sunday, May 29, 2011

The first 200 species!

Click here to see the interactive tree
Today, five days in, we've hit the first unique 200 species! While this is still a tiny proportion (~3%) of the world's amphibian species, it represents a significant portion of the world's families and genera. We have a new interactive summary that we will update nightly keeping track of which families, genera, and species have 'checked-in' in green. The name of the first participant to record each species is also recorded.

Some groups are starting to really go green such as the salamander families. Elsewhere, we're missing whole clades. For example, no caecilians which represent the entire order Gymnophiona have been added yet.

The distribution of 'check-ins' across the tree also reveals geographic patterns. Salamanders and frog families and genera from Asia are under-represented relative to those in the New World. If you know any amphibian enthusiasts from these under-represented areas let them know we need their help!

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